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May. 15th, 2025



shorah b'shemtee!

just comment to be added, or tell me where you found my LJ! i love making friends :)

my friends-only journal is an amalgam of life, love, stress, video games, geekery, school, sewing, costumes, and dolls. i like to post pictures and arts and stuff too, sometimes. most doll-related content will remain public. :)


Aug. 28th, 2012

polar dance

(no subject)

ugh i'm so tired right now D: i want to work on stuff but today has just been one of those days where everything goes wrong and everyone i talk to is annoyed or angry. my aura is soeasily affected by others...

anyway, on to business. i've spent the last few days working out another plushie pattern...

meet puppy! he's kind of based on the scalemate pattern i found, but i changed everything except for the head (because i like that shape lol)

the hubs named him "puppy" after the little dragons in one of the breath of fire games (lol so cute)

the hardest part about this whole thing was the stupid arms... i had to make like three different versions before i found one that i liked. i'm still working out a few kinks in the legs and feet, but i think that's more of a personal thing and that other people wouldn't care/notice.

so that's what i've been up to! wasting time >_> i have to catch up on the rest of my commissions for this month and get them out in the mail asap. i can't wait until we've moved into our apartment because then i'll have room to work on the bigger ones. it sucks having such limited space :/

i'm enjoying making plushies, it's nice to have something that makes me excited to sew again. school burnt me out so bad, and i've avoided the machine at all costs since i got back from london. even sewing the tunic for my link cosplay was a chore (and part of the reason why it turned out so bad :/) but this is fun and i'm thinking of working on some more patterns for different creatures. maybe. until i get lazy and decide not to lol

Aug. 24th, 2012

made of win

i made an usa-chan!

soooo i woke up at like 8 when the hubs left for work and decided i was going to get shit done today.

i've wanted my own usa-chan plush for a while, and just recently started planning a female!ouran high cosplay group with a couple of friends for a convention next year so it kind of gave me more of a reason to work out a pattern and make a "prototype". lol

i only had to make a few teeny tiny adjustments to the pattern as i was putting the pieces together, which is pretty exciting since my patterns are usually more flawed than that. but i guess this is a stuffie and not clothing? there is a greater margin for error. lol



and here's a poorly taken shot of me holding him to get an idea of how wonderfully big and squishy he is /)*3*(\

i feel so accomplished! i left his ears unstuffed (unlike the keychain and most other plushies of him i've seen) so that his ears are more flexible and can bend and stuff. if i had to change anything i think i might make his torso a little longer, and find a way to make his whole body seem more floppy? but overall i'm super happy and think he's like the cutest thing i've ever made *___________________*

i posted some pictures on facebook and one of my old teachers from high school (yes, my HS teachers were awesome and i'm friends with quite a few on facebook now XD) wants to order one for her great niece who'll be born in november. of course she has no idea that this is a character from an anime, but he IS a super cute pink bunny that any little girl would love to have and snuggle. :3

Aug. 20th, 2012

chaser lips

more dolly dilemmas!

i'm having trouble deciding between karsh and seorin for Saga's sculpt, the reality of which is drifting slowly away now that i won't have that job at QVC anymore :/ christopher was talking about getting him for me for christmas but i'm like a;sldkjfa;slkdjf i haven't bought a doll with my own damn money since kadish D: (which i guess is a lie...i bought chaser with my own money + money my mother-in-law won for me in vegas, which payed for most of it lol)

there's a really nice NS SP seorin on the mp for $60 which has the beginnings of a dreaming mod, and isn't so far gone (the eyes haven't actually been opened yet) that i could still get it modded to exactly how i want. it's tempting. because if i went with seorin i'd probably want his eyes to be more like karsh. i love karsh's face, but saga is definitely human, and i haven't really seen a good elf-to-human ears mod that doesn't look awkward.

i'll probably just end up going with karsh in the end, because he's always been my favourite. he apparently gets paired with chloe a lot?

i shouldn't be thinking of buying a doll anyway, when i have a wedding to save for =_=

Aug. 2nd, 2012

chaser lips

you are the reason i am alive, but... are you my reason for living?


who are we?

why are we here?

...why won't you answer me...

the winds blew us to this place.
will they take us away?

i'm tired of always being on the move,

and the only thing i remember about being alive

is you.

Jul. 21st, 2012

epic fail

the littlefee problem continues

i miss my dolls. i've been super busy trying to finish my link costume in time for san japan (it's almost done!) and now we've got a week left to pack up and move out. seeing them sitting there on the shelf, looking so sad and abandoned... ;-; I PROMISE I'LL PLAY WITH YOU WHEN WE'RE IN THE NEW APARTMENT I PROMISE

i'm getting frustrated with my littlefees again. it's like they're REFUSING to develop personalities! but i'm so in love with the size and the bodies that i can't quite bring myself to get rid of them yet. besides, any time i talk about selling one of my dolls, christopher gets all mad and is like NO. YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED. I LOVE THEM. (it's actually pretty cute lol)

so have these two damn littlefee that i hate and love at the same time. as soon as i pick them up again and look into their faces something tells me to give them another chance. i think i just need to find their "look". sit down at the sewing machine and make them clothes they actually WANT to wear. i'll try giving them new faceups, that might help. i also need to suede everyone. this week, aside from packing like a nut, will be dedicated to attempted dolly bonding time.

maybe i should try and shoot a photostory with them, too? it's just so hard because i have no idea who they are >_< sometimes i feel like selling one off and keeping the body just so i can make clothes. i'd rather have saga home instead... :/

Jun. 28th, 2012

nintendo &lt;3

zelda progress blog

i'm still alive, hanging in there, doing good.

i'm not super active on tumblr, but i've created a blog to document the process for my Link costume that i'm making for San Japan this year (and my Malon costume and all the decorations and stuff for my LoZ birthday party next year). thought i'd share for those of you that might be interested! CLICK THE PIC TO GOOOO :D

Mar. 26th, 2012


(no subject)

wellll. what's new? i'm putting off doing my homework, THAT'S WHAT. my morning class was cancelled so i'm sitting here kind of doing research for my Cherry Orchard designs, and listening to this girl talking way too loudly about her extremely personal, drunk, sex-filled life. like... TMI LADY. I'M SUPER INTERESTED IN HOW YOU'RE CHEATING ON PEOPLE AND NOT HAVING SEX AND HAVING SEX AND GETTING DRUNK AND THROWING UP IN YOUR UNDERWEAR AND STUFF. SO INTERESTING.

and she's been talking for like an hour. D: D: D:

in dolly news...
i accidentally bought a body from missflynn... lol that's what i get for buying a second faceplate instead of just trading! never again. moral of the story is: you plan on selling one littlefee, don't sell it, and somehow end up with two littlefee. dolly math?

i've been working on more clothing patterns (and making wigs!) and developing their personalities. i have some cute mori stuff i want to work on, dresses and skirts and sweaters and stuff. i scored some cool knit and lace rummaging through the bins in the sewing lab at school.

BUT NOW. may i present to you.... Fennah and Riven! (or k'veer and devokan?) christopher likes fennah best. her name means "story" in d'ni and is named after my humie bard from when we were rolling 3.5 lol

my girls! i made the red mohair wig and i LOVE it. :3 i want to make more...

lol Fenn. she's like, "i'm sexy and i know it." rofl
i need to re-do her faceup, but i ran out of sealant ;-; so i gotta go get more. her current one is nice but there are a few things i don't like about it. >_< she's showing off some of the patterns i'm working on. the basic tunic and leggings that seem to sell pretty well >_> legging pattern needs some adjusting to fit above the butt but the top is versatile and pattern is correct as long as i don't sew it wrong like i did with this one. XD

and a better lit picture of Riven. maybe i should try taking photos during the day XD

HOWEVER. damn christopher... while i was pondering names, two that made it on the list were "Ril" and "Roon". he was like, "those sound like twins... like.... pukichu twins. anno's size. [realpuki]" a;lksjdf;lakjsdfl;kjasdf i knew he was right, because "Ril" means "without/the absence of" and "Roon" means "zero/nothing"!! christopher doesn't know much d'ni so he had no idea. but when he said that i was like... FATE. DAMN YOU. aki would make a perfect Ril ;-; which means i now need two more realpuki lolololol i told christopher FINE BUT YOU'RE PAYING FOR THEM.
maybe i'll make missflynn get her roro and she can be Roon... and then when i get saga i won't break my 10 limit. lol

Mar. 15th, 2012

chaser lips

I Know It's Been Many Years

not gonna lie, now that all the pictures are in order this makes me tear up a little. my favourite part is how i mostly managed to disguise the face that chaser only has one eye with eyelashes right now XD the other one fell out and i can't find it! LOL
anyway, enjoy my procrastination photostory!

she's playing mario kart lolCollapse )

Mar. 11th, 2012

bonafide facts

(no subject)

"HI. I'M ENDER. and today i am taking pictures for auntie flynn!"

"...on dad's little amp. it's as high as i could climb without being yelled at..."

let's begin!Collapse )

teehee ^3^ missflynn was asking me about comparison pictures since she's considering a minifee girl (YOU WANT ONE YOU WANT ONE YOU WANT ONE) so ender offered to "help" take photos... we had fun until he decided to jump off the amp and nearly chip his faceup! >_>

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